Passion for Personal Resourcefulness and Financial Breakthrough

Passion for Personal Resourcefulness and Financial Breakthrough

…10 Golden Rules from Chapter Eight

1. The Need for Growth: There is no vacuum in life. If you are not growing, definitely, you are diminishing. It is your desire for growth that encourages you to become resourceful.

2. Pay the Price: You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. Becoming highly resourceful comes with a price and you must be willing and ready to pay the price. When you pay the price, you get the rewards.

3. Demand and Supply: One of the benefits of becoming resourceful is the law of demand that comes into play thereafter. When you are loaded, you will surely be needed. There will be demands for your abilities and you must be ready to supply.

4. Expand Your Scopes: Becoming highly resourceful requires that you develop interest in different fields of human endeavours. Do not limit your skills or expertise to a particular sector. Develop interest in different fields and sectors to maximize your resourcefulness.

5. Higher Productivity: There is a strong correlation between your level of resourcefulness and the increase in your productivity. It is the amount of effort invested in capacity building that determines your ability to multiply your outputs.

6. Personal Effectiveness: The more resourceful you are, the more effective you become in whatever you do. Personal effectiveness helps you to save time, reduce cost, and minimize errors as a result of mastery and experience curve.

7. Competitive Advantage: Building capabilities enhances competitive advantage. Those who are highly resourceful and productive in their chosen careers always enjoy competitive advantage over those who are neither resourceful nor productive.

8. Strategic Alliances: It is not enough to be resourceful and productive without right connections. You must be intentional in building strategic alliances to showcase your skills and special abilities. You become more influential when you are connected with right individuals/organizations.

9. Ego is Your Energy: There is a thin line between Self-confidence and pride. Highly resourceful and productive people are easily misunderstood by others, especially when they try to showcase their skills and abilities.

10.  Here Comes the Rewards: There are rewards for being resourceful and one of such rewards is financial breakthrough. When you are good at what you do, it opens doors of multiple opportunities and advantages for you, including financial compensation.

*Worth Thinking About:*

One of the best ways to prepare for a settled future is to acquire relevant skills that enhance personal resourcefulness and productivity. Think of what knowledge, skills or equipment needed to become resourceful and productive.


There is no accidental success in life. The future you don’t prepare for would embarrass you when you get there.

I Wish You A Productive Day!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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