Passion for Self-Development and Capacity Building

Passion for Self-Development and Capacity Building

…10 Golden Rules

1. Envision Greatness: You must be able to create a mental image of where you want to be in the future. It’s the vision that creates the desire to build the needed capabilities to get there.

2. Identify Possible Areas for Growth: Know you can’t grow exponentially in all areas. You need to identify the important areas for capacity development.

3. Identify the gap: You need to do a skills audit to identify the missing skills. The gap is the missing skill, knowledge, certification, and qualification. Etc

4. Design the Processes: Research every possible solution to the identified gap and make necessary preparations and plans to acquire the needed capabilities for growth

5. Implementation Phases: You must be willing and ready to implement the required efforts, actions, and activities to achieve your desired outcomes.

6. Self-development and Personal Effectiveness: The more developed and highly skilled you become, the better your performance and effectiveness become.

7. Resourcefulness and Productivity: When you become highly resourceful, it automatically enhances your performance and increases your productivity and expertise.

8. The Cutlass You Do Not Have: Never give up on building capacity for yourself. It is better for you to have a cutlass you do not need than to need a cutlass you do not have.

9. Set Capacity Development Goals: From time to time, always set goals that are incidental to your self-development and capacity building.

10. You Will Always Be Needed: What I have discovered about capacity building is that, if you are loaded, you will always be needed.

*Worth Thinking About:*

There are some levels or positions that you cannot get unless you have acquired or built the needed capabilities to occupy and manage such positions.


For an individual or organization to remain vibrant, effective, and relevant in the scheme of

things, building capacities in relevant areas is necessary and unavoidable.

I Wish You A Beautiful Saturday!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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