Persons vs People

Persons vs People

In my article yesterday, I wrote that you need persons and not people, below are few clarifications and distinctions between the two categories of individuals.

Persons are calibers of dignified individuals with a good and high sense of purpose, influence, and impact.

They are those individuals who demonstrate quality lifestyles, exhibit special abilities, and offer relevant values and support to others.

In other words, persons are personalities of individuals with productive relationships that offer beneficial impacts and positive contributions.

Characteristics of Persons:

  1. They are highly resourceful
  2. They are positive influencers
  3. They are value creators
  4. They are encouragers
  5. They are impact makers
  6. They are relationship builders
  7. They are burden bearers. Etc

People are collections of different categories of individuals without specific attributes or meaningful value to be identified with.

They are groups of all kinds of individuals, who, in most cases, have no specific plans or definite directions for their lives.

People are those who always attach themselves to others for immediate benefits and continuous survival.

Characteristics of People:

  1. They are benefits seekers
  2. They lack the capacity for growth
  3. They are energy drainers
  4. They love to give excuses
  5. They live without definite plans and goals
  6. They are always free and available
  7. They are good at blaming others for their problems. Etc

Going by the above distinctions, you would observe that the only similarity between persons and people is that both are groups of human beings but with different characteristics.

One good thing about people is that they can change their status to that of persons if they are determined and work hard and live meaningfully.

And one terrible thing about those in the category of persons is that they can become people if they relax on their efforts to remain relevant in the scheme of things.

Collections of PERSONS are called dignitaries or Very Important Persons (VIP) while the collections of PEOPLE is referred to as a crowd or the general public.

As an individual, you are at liberty to determine which class you wish to belong to.

In the next edition, I will share 10 basic principles that can transform an individual from the group of people to the caliber of persons. Watch Out Pls!

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