Poor Nigerians are Angry -VP Shettima

Poor Nigerians are Angry -VP Shettima

..Promises to Improve Governance Quality

The Vice President of Nigeria, Kashim Shettima has said that poor Nigerians are angry with the elites in the country.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of the Executive Intelligence Management Course 16 participants from various security agencies and nominees of state governments in Abuja on Saturday, Vice-President Kashim Shettima acknowledged that government officials and other members of the elite are facing anger from the poor in Nigeria.

He pointed out that all attendees at this event belong to a small portion of Nigerian society.

VP Shettima also stated that it is evident without any divination that individuals living in poverty feel resentful towards those who have power and wealth.

He urged people to go out into slums to interact with these marginalized groups themselves, stating his personal experience growing up in Maiduguri where wealthy individuals were once admired for their success but are now viewed with contempt when they drive around in bulletproof cars.

VP Shettima emphasized on improving governance quality within a limited timeframe (10-20 years).

He then suggested creating job opportunities as well as instilling hope among citizens could help tackle insecurity issues within the country, especially Boko Haram insurgencies and rural banditry prevalent across North-East, North-West, and North-Central regions.

Additionally, he recognized how neglected poor segments are compared to animals they rear which often belong to city dwellers.

He called for both kinetic (physical) and non-kinetic solutions aimed at resolving problems such as IPOB agitation in South-Eastern Nigeria or challenges faced by residents living along Southern coastal areas.

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