Portraits Of Shame

Portraits Of Shame

In the market, you find a poor woman with a baby at her back, you lower your car window, and with a military rough command voice, you ask her:

“How much are you selling those onions and bananas?

The poor seller politely replies,

“N1,500 for a bunch of bananas and N1,000 for a pack of onions.”

With pride, you demand the bunch of bananas at #800 and the pack of onions at # 700 or else you will leave.

The poor seller resigns to fate and replies, “take them at the price you want. I have not made any sale today, at least I have something for supper now.”

She has made a loss but she goes further to buy a plastic bag for you to pack the two items you have just bought.

You order her to hurry up otherwise you may change your mind. She apologises and with a smile, she gives you the items and she blesses you for patronizing her.

You literally throw the money at her and you sped away leaving behind a cloud of smoke and dust which causes a bit of discomfort to her and the baby. She is coughing while securing her little money. Her poverty has left her with no choice.

You have now arrived at the 5-star restaurant where you are to meet friends and you ask them to order food and drinks of their choice.

They order expensive food and the leftovers are more than the food they have eaten.

The total bill is N65,000 and you pay without bargaining, you gave a tip of N5,000 appreciating the waiter for a delicious meal…. which you didn’t eat even half of.

This incident might seem quite normal to you but it’s inhumane…


Why do we always show that we have the bargaining power when we buy from the poor?

Why do we become arrogant when buying from the poor?

Why do we become stingy when buying from the vulnerable?

Why do we show generosity to those who do not even need our generosity?

Why do we become polite when buying from the rich who view our money as mere change?

Why do we channel money to a sea of money?

Please buy simple goods from the poor people at high prices….do it deliberately.

Sometimes, pay extra for the items you buy from poor women…you are only blessing them


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