….12 Impediments to Self-Belief

 By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

Permit me to share with you 12 impediments that can hinder your ability to leverage the power of self-belief for personal greatness.

1. Doubt: You cannot continue to doubt your ability, and at the same improve on your weaknesses. You must overcome doubt with faith and determination.

2. Limiting Thoughts: You cannot think like a slave and live like a King. You must be mindful of negative and limiting thoughts.

3. Negative Opinions: Beware of negative opinions, advice, and suggestions from small-minded individuals.

4. Wrong Associations: Do yourself a lot of good by disconnecting from people without dreams. They won’t encourage the fulfillment of your dream.

5. Lack of self-development: Failure to develop yourself consistently will result in your inability to enforce the power of self-belief on your ability

6. Unhealthy Comparison: When you compare yourself with others, you limit your chance to improve on yourself.

7. Competitive Jealousy: Engaging in competition and jealousy with others potentially and abilities will hinder you from giving yourself the attention and focus to help you grow.

8. Past Failures: Take your mind off past failures and reposition your mind to achieve success. The fact that it was once impossible doesn’t mean it will always be impossible.

9. Fear of Failure: Fear of failure is a terrible factor you must deal with. When you allow fear to dominate your mind, you are already defeated before you start.

10. Wrong Environment: Just as fishes cannot survive outside water, the same way it’s difficult for anyone to make progress in a wrong environment. You must locate the best environment for your success.

11. Failure to Dream Big: If you don’t dream big enough, you will never stretch yourself to do more. Dreaming big helps you to discover and develop yourself to become better.

12. Lack of Goal-setting: Every meaningful achievement starts as a goal before it becomes a reality. Failure to set goals will limit your ability to achieve personal greatness.


How far you will ever go in life is a function of two major factors:

1. You, and

2. Your God.

Your God is always ready to help you to go as far as you are willing to go, while it’s left for you to determine how far you will ever go.

I Wish You A Productive Day!

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