Prince Arthur Eze Commends President Tinubu’s Impartial Appointments

Prince Arthur Eze Commends President Tinubu’s Impartial Appointments

…Highlights Philanthropic Integrity

By Charles Edet Esq

Prince Arthur Eze, a highly respected figure in the Ukpo Kingdom of Anambra State, has not only praised President Bola Tinubu’s recent appointments but also commended his passion for supporting the less privileged. As a renowned billionaire businessman from the South East, Prince Eze recognizes President Tinubu’s commitment to philanthropy and the impact it has on people’s lives.

He commends President Tinubu for consistently demonstrating his philanthropic integrity and believes that this quality is essential for a leader.

Speaking at the Holy Mass commemorating Reverend Father Patrick Alumuku’s 65th birthday, held at St. Louis Catholic Church in EFAB Global Estate, Mbora, Abuja, Prince Eze highlighted President Tinubu’s dedication to uplifting the poor and marginalized. He emphasized the importance of trust in individuals who have the means to make a difference and commended President Tinubu for his unwavering commitment to supporting the less fortunate.

Prince Eze’s admiration for President Tinubu extends beyond his impartial appointments, as he recognizes the transformative impact that a leader with a genuine passion for helping others can have on a nation. He encourages Nigerians to rally behind President Tinubu, not only for his fair and balanced selections but also for his unwavering dedication to supporting the poor and marginalized.

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