Professor Wole Soyinka Should Stop Descending to The Arena

Professor Wole Soyinka Should Stop Descending to The Arena

The persistent attacks on His Excellency Peter Obi by Professor Wole Soyinka are both disgusting and shameful.

Despite HE Peter Obi consistently showing respect and admiration for Wole Soyinka, the latter’s recent unguarded and unwarranted criticisms are deeply troubling. He was recently quoted as saying that Obi should not contest the next presidential election just because of the issues bordering on Labour Party internal crises.

The obsession for Peter Obi from this professor is beyond me, he is not the president, yet everytime he wakes up from the wrong side of the he attacks him.

As a figure of immense cultural and intellectual influence, Prof. Soyinka should exercise restraint and show respect, particularly towards a private citizen like Peter Obi.

We, the advocates/ supporters of a new Nigeria, cannot stand idly by as Prof. Soyinka continues to disrespect and unjustly attack him. It is perplexing that Soyinka targets Peter Obi while remaining silent on pressing national issues.

He has shown no concern for skyrocketing fuel prices, the illegal allocation of a 16 trillion Naira contract without due process, the free fall of the Naira, or the plight of impoverished and suffering Nigerians.

Instead, his focus seems fixated on Peter Obi.

Soyinka’s relentless critique of Peter Obi can only be described as descending into the public arena and “dancing naked in the marketplace,” and turning himself from an intellectual to an *Otellectual*

Such actions are unbecoming of someone of Soyinka’s stature and diminish his esteemed legacy.

It appears strategic and deliberate, aimed at diverting attention from the catastrophic failures of Tinubu’s administration.

Soyinka likely understands that the Obidients will vehemently call him out, thereby shifting focus away from the critical issues plaguing Nigeria under Tinubu’s presidency.

Let him know that Nigeria is not a mere poetic concept; it is a nation grappling with real, urgent challenges.

Soyinka should acknowledge the gravity of these issues and henceforth take a back seat since his recent inputs appear to be driven by personal grudges rather than constructive criticism.

Criticism from Soyinka cannot override the democratic wishes of the Nigerian populace.

It is crucial for respected figures like him to recognize the importance of unity and constructive dialogue rather than perpetuating baseless attacks.

The future of Nigeria depends on focusing on substantive issues and fostering respect and cooperation among its leaders and citizens.

Nothing will stop Peter Obi from contesting the 2027 presidential elections. By the Grace of God, nothing will stop him from winning and nothing will stop Nigerians from taking back their country.

The suffering is just too much

*Samuel Anayo Writes From Jos*

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