Re: Peter Obi On The Wrong Side Of History

Re: Peter Obi On The Wrong Side Of History

By Kalthoom Alumbe Jutami

The Fulani are hated by no one, but to be trusted as not planning an ethno-religious takeover of Nigeria, they need for to abandon the caliphate system, a parallel state-within-state behind most of the atrocities in Nigeria since the 1800s, which may have consumed up to 60 million lives; end their ongoing re-conquest and re-subjugation of the Hausa, Middle Belt, Niger Delta, Southern Nigeria; stop treacherous alliances with external imperialism in pursuit of their local imperialism; abandon the hypocritical sharia law of stonings, amputations, and so on against the Hausa and other enemies of Fulani; and accept the necessity of the modern democratic secular state of civilized equal laws and equal applications.

 Fulani are neither inherently better or worse than anybody, but the caliphate system embraced even by their educated elites is obnoxious, murderous, violent, and evil, and absolutely no Nigerian is available to be their slave, and imagining that they have the capacity to make others a slave, would be their self-chosen red signal.

Gentlemanly and civilized Peter Obi and others cosying to Fulani violent ancientism (that had murdered between 3 and 4 million Igbo) because of “votes,” might do better listening to the Hausa as well.

 In pursuit of collective Fulani goals, Tambuwal betrayed Wike; Atiku betrayed rotation; Buhari betrayed Amaechi, Onu, and even Tinubu – all of them “good friends” and benefactors of their Fulani betrayers. Short and simple: let our Fulani compatriots jettison violence and caliphatism, and join others to adopt civilization.

Imagine, in a Hausa-dominated state, a Hausa cannot be a Minister, Governor, President, DG, anything of value! This is annoying to say the least, and has to end, and those forced out of their ancestral lands in the Middle Belt by Buhari-time Fulani warriors should be assisted back to their ancestral homes with federal power.

A support for the Hausa quest for liberation from the Fulani is support for the freedom and liberation of all Nigerians, of all Africans, and the correct position any true statesman or intellectual must take.

(C)O. Igwe.

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