Reasons to Elect Chizoba Ogbeche as VP NAWOJ Zone D

Reasons to Elect Chizoba Ogbeche as VP NAWOJ Zone D

By Ikenwa Charity

As the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) prepares for its national officer elections, it is essential to consider why Chizoba Ogbeche should be elected as Vice President of Zone D.

Chizoba Ogbeche is a visionary leader who believes in informed decision-making based on experience and competence.

Voting her into office would be an excellent choice because she possesses the following qualities:

* Resourcefulness and diligence, coupled with wisdom that facilitates project implementation with ease.

* Proven leadership skills demonstrated by effective management in previous positions such as Financial Secretary and Secretary at NAWOJ FCT Chapter.

* Extensive experience spanning over 20 years of active involvement in various roles within NAWOJ.

* Previous holding of important offices like Financial Secretary and Secretary, which provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities associated with being part of the organization’s hierarchy.

* Committee participation at both state and national levels showcases her dedication towards achieving organizational objectives.

* Financial expertise derived from past experiences serving as Financial Secretary, making her capable enough to manage affairs efficiently in Zone D.

* Administrative proficiency highlighted by prior role as secretary demonstrates exceptional organizational skills.

Her focus on professional growth further highlights her commitment to advancing women journalists’ welfare under NAWOJ.

Therefore, voting for Chizoba Ogbeche translates into full commitment and capacity towards improving women journalists’ lives through sound leadership policies.

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