Releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Will Not Heal Nigeria

Releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Will Not Heal Nigeria

…Stopping The Marginalization Of Ndigbo will Heal Nigeria

By Evangelist Jude Ugwu

Anyone who preaches peace but promotes injustice is like a woman who dreads lizard but always fetches ant- infested firewood.

The height of injustice is chasing away or throwing a stone at a hen who is pursuing a hawk that has carried her chick. Tell me how you will have peace in a country that denies one tribe her rights.

The people of this world are so wicked that they will beat you and ask you not to cry. They would not want you to protest but they will be eating alone what belongs to you and them. It happens even in communities (mine a typical example)

PDP denied us our turn to produce president and you think all will be well with the party. Never! More crisis is coming the way of PDP.

 APC zoned 2023 presidency to South but greedily gave it to the region that has ruled this country for 16 years (as president and as vice president). Just tell me one reason God will not make things difficult for APC all the days of their lives. They will not know peace because there is no one who supports injustice that will have peace.

PA Ayo Adebanjo, Edwin Clark and others who supported Igbo presidency will continue to live peacefully until they depart this wicked world. A world – a brother denies a brother because of money. A world full of betrayers. A world that cherishes evil. Is it the world you will have peace in.  Nnamdi Kanu is the millions of Igbos that were slaughtered like animals. Nnamdi Kanu is denial of Nigerian presidency of Igbo extraction. Nnamdi Kanu is the denial of Ndigbo juicy ministerial positions. Nnamdi Kanu is lack of infrastructure in the South East.

If you are still waiting to have peace in Nigeria and in this world; you are wasting your time. It is only in Jesus Christ you will have peace because His yoke is light. Our God is a just God, so if you are preaching peace and promoting injustice; repent now.

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