Remarkable! As Sammi Charles  Becomes  First African  GUSI Award Receiver

Remarkable! As Sammi Charles Becomes First African GUSI Award Receiver

By Charles Edet Esq

The Former Presidential Aspirant of the Labour Party and the Chairman of ANOG Group, Dr Sampson Uchenna Charles has been Awarded the 2023 GUSI Peace Prize Award as Most Dynamic African Business Man Of The Year, 2023, by the Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jnr in Manilla the capital city of Philippines.

This accolade is a significant milestone for Dr. Sammi, who has become the first African to receive this esteemed recognition .

The Award which is hosted annually, select its recipients through rigorous screening after its global intelligence report on their character, honesty ( non criminal wealth) contributions towards the promotion of peace in recipients country and globally known in terms of global investment that are verifiable.

 Internationally, the Gusi Peace Prize Award is Asia’s most prestigious Award  which attracts and brings together eminent global personalities to the international event in Manila, Philippines.

This great accomplishment by Dr Sampson Charles ranks him high as one of the great sons of Nigeria that has brought great honor to the nation and Africa at large.

National Detective Magazine learnt from its source that all the government of Asia sent their representatives, with the president of Philippines Ferdinand Marcos present to receive the Asian laureates, whom he also gave an honorary medal of Philippines citizenship.

Congratulating Dr Sammi Charles, on the global and national feat , the National Secretary of the Movement for the Consolidation Of Democracy ( MOCODE) Ibrahim Na’Lahila, said the recipient is the first Nigerian to be honored by the Asian version of Noble Peace Prize, which Nelson Mandela former President Of South Africa and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and two other African Presidents have variously been honored as recipients of the Award. A reason he deserved a national celebration and grand reception by the Nigerian president and Anambra State government respectively.

He attributed his international recognition and diverse achievements within the global community as a result of his egalitarian commitments to humanity, investment development and promotion of the ideals democratic leadership in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Ibrahim added that Africa in general, should rally around the budding leader in the democratic sphere to inject his Midas ideas for the growth of Africas , particularly Nigeria’s nascent democracy  and its practices.

In another felicitation,  a Political Chieftain, Publisher and Traditional Ruler ,  HRM Offiong Inyang in his Congratulatory message extolled Dr Sami  over his honor and international recognition that has added Nigeria in the international map of Asia as a people of capacity and spud knowledge. Also in another message, on the Award,  Dr Sami Charles was described as one of Africa’s greatest sons, who was recently named among the wealthiest in Africa as the 15th richest African by Forbes Magazine, he added that Dr Sampson Uchenna Charles was a combination of brain and wealth a virtue of an emerging leader.

“As we join in congratulating Dr Sami Charles Of Nigeria, we are proud of his numerous accomplishments and the honor he has brought to our Nation of Nigeria and Africa at large”

The Presidential candidate  of Alpha Bside Party in

Guinea, Conakry also exalted Dr Charles on his feat.

Mr Balde write:

“This award is not only a recognition of your unwavering commitment to global peace and integrity but also marks a significant milestone in your journey towards a greater role in leadership, potentially paving your path to the Presidency of Nigeria.”

Your exemplary character, have rightly earned you this honor. Alpha said the presence of representatives from all Asian governments and the personal reception by the President of the Philippines, complete with his cabinet members to the recipients, underscored the importance and prestige of Dr Sammi’s achievement.

The Guinnean added that the Award makes Dr Sammi Charles a beacon of hope and pride for Africa. Stating further that his leadership and vision are a source of inspiration for the African youths who are counting on Dr Sammi to usher in a new era of strong leadership, peace, and prosperity.” Alpha said

“ Dr Sammi Charles, your efforts are laying the groundwork for a brighter future, not just in Nigeria but for the entire African continent.

As you received this award, you stand on the threshold of potentially leading one of Africa’s most influential nations, May this recognition propel you further in your journey of making impactful changes and driving progress. Africa and your country Nigeria are proud of you.” Said Balde.

Amongst other prominent personalities bestowed with the Award are Ambasador George Suha a diplomat in Europe, who has contributed immensely towards and emerging nations.

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