Reno Laments Over Nigeria’s Extravagance, as Against China’s Prudence

Reno Laments Over Nigeria’s Extravagance, as Against China’s Prudence

By Ikenwa Charity                                 

Nigerian author and Social Media Influencer Reno Omokri have bemoaned the nature of extravagant spending by most Nigerians and deficit in foresight, describing the situation as consumer, rather than producer economy.

The Table Shaker stated that, “when it rains in China, they rush to the farm and produce food. When it rains in Nigeria, we run to the bedroom and produce children.’’

Based on his submission, Nigerians are using these railways to attend weddings, parties, mosques and churches on weekdays. Besides the Abuja-Kaduna railway, which ferries workers, most railways in Nigeria just transport consumers.

“The challenge with Nigeria is 20% government and 80% the governed.

“You will see Nigerians who do not pay any form of income taxes whatsoever swearing at the government for refusing to provide basic infrastructure.

“We are so entitled as a people. And we think we do not have to do anything because we are oil rich. Oil rich? We make $30 billion from oil and gas to our 230 million population. Qatar makes $65 billion from oil and gas and has a population of 2.6 million people. That is just 1% of our population,” noted the platform.

He explained  Further that China had negative economic growth until she introduced the One Child Policy, saying from that period, and due mainly to that policy, their economy began to grow to the point where since 2010, they add the entire GDP of Greece to their economy annually. They are so stable that they have six million empty homes.

Reno added, “Nigeria needs to bring down her population growth and if a rising cost of living is what it will take to do it, then so be it. When we suffer for our supper, we will be super!


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