Revitalising The Forgotten: Governor Sim Fubara’s Revolutionary Action For Rivers Civil Servants

Revitalising The Forgotten: Governor Sim Fubara’s Revolutionary Action For Rivers Civil Servants

By: Teenar U Gene

A true leader is someone who truly understands and empathises with the people they lead. They not only recognise their struggles but actively work towards alleviating them.

However, until late 2023, civil servants in Rivers were merely seen as government employees. They were treated as if they were forgotten objects scattered around the state, only remembered when their services were needed.

Daily, these civil servants would show up to work in worn-out clothes, looking exhausted, and their offices were in a complete mess. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the terrible working and living conditions could have contributed to the untimely demise of some civil servants.

It would beat anyone hollow that these people were struggling to survive in a state that raked in billions as IGR received allocation, but their welfare was constantly overlooked. The work conditions and environment they endured were in stark contrast to the millions freely given as goodwill to some northern states.

It is widely believed that charity should start at home, but unfortunately, while Rivers state civil servants languished in poverty with no attention given to their welfare, Sokoto traders were enjoying a share of the 500 million naira “charity” given by the then state government.

The situation of the civil servants continued to worsen, and no one seemed to care about their plight.

For years, civil servants remained stagnant while the state government pampered numerous politicians and fed them fat.

Under the administration of Sir Sim Fubara, Rivers people and its workforce are receiving the desired attention. Civil servants who had been stuck at the same level for years have been promoted and are now carried along in the affairs of the state.

Not only were the promotions implemented promptly, but the corresponding payments were also made, leaving many astonished. By taking this action, Governor Sim has shown that his words were not just empty promises but rather a true commitment to taking meaningful action.

Also for the first time in a long time, permanent secretaries are given their due place in the affairs of the state civil service.

In December, the Governor, in line with his commitment to the well-being of the people of Rivers State, treated Rivers servants to a $100,000 Christmas bonus, an action that had not been witnessed in the state for over a decade.

It is undeniable that the governor’s response and actions towards the state civil service will not only redefine civil service in the country but will significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the civil service workforce.

While Rivers people were still celebrating the innumerable changes in state civil service administration, Governor Sim made a landmark pronouncement that will affect the most neglected civil servant, the local government workers.

This enlisted pronouncement:

1. Immediate promotion of local government workers in Rivers State with full financial benefits.

2. Immediate implementation of a N30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Naira) minimum wage for local government workers.

3. Immediate implementation of the N35,000.00 (Thirty-Five Thousand Naira) wage award approved by the Federal Government to cushion the effect of the removal of fuel subsidies.

4. Inclusion of NULGE as a member of the Local Government Pensions Board, as provided by law.

5. Implementation of a consolidated salary structure for local government workers retiring at grade 17.

Through this, the governor has again proven that civil service shouldn’t be left dormant.

Full implementation of the above directive will, in no small measure, have a profound impact on the local government workers whose working conditions were horrible and whose welfare was pitiable.

There is no gain in saying that the recent pronouncement by the governor brings hope for a better future for the Rivers people, who have in the past experienced the pains of elitist-driven leadership. The improved conditions provided by this decision will undoubtedly enhance the living standards of local government workers. Not only that, it will lead to an increase in life expectancy and a significant boost in productivity.

This innovative approach by Governor Sim Fubara not only focuses on improving the well-being of the citizens of Rivers but also prioritises the welfare of civil servants. It is truly a revolution in the making.

Now we can say, that RIVERS MONEY IS FOR RIVERS PEOPLE, and the Rivers state civil servants are being pulled to prominence from a place of obscurity.

Teenar U Gene writes from Port Harcourt

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