Seven Types of People You Must Avoid To Achieve Your Goals

Seven Types of People You Must Avoid To Achieve Your Goals

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

There are some categories of people that you must avoid to reach your goals, below are (7) seven categories of such people, and you must learn to avoid them like plagues:

1. Wheelbarrow People: Energy Drainers

2. Mosquito People: Benefit Seekers

3. Scaffolding People: Glory Takers

4. Crocodile People: Pretenders

5. Naysayer People: Dreams Killers

6. Chameleon People: Competitors

7. Garbage Pusher People: Evil Inventors

1. WHEELBARROW PEOPLE: This group of people are the energy drainers and time wasters. Such people would always want you to do everything for them. They don’t care about your good but only their interests. They believe it’s your problem to solve their problems. One terrible thing about “wheelbarrow” is that, after you have laboured to load it up, you will still have to labour to push before it moves.

*Note:* Wheelbarrow people are consumers of energy, time, and resources.

2. MOSQUITOS PEOPLE: This set of people are only interested in sucking goodies out of others and injecting poison in return. They are benefits seekers but will never add value to others. Mosquito people have nothing good to offer but always want to derive goodness from others. Here is one terrible thing about “Mosquitos”, they only sing around you whenever they want to suck your blood and give you malaria.

Note: Mosquito people only sing your praises when they have something good to benefit from you, while they backbite and backstab you thereafter.

3. SCAFFOLDING PEOPLE: This category of people are glory seekers/takers. Just because they have helped you at one time or another, they would want to be god over your life. They want to always control you and dictate the direction of your life. They won’t want you to be free and shine on your own but to always be under them.

One good thing about “Scaffolding” is that it’s useful but its usefulness is for a short-term purpose. It is dangerous to keep scaffolding on the wall permanently.

Note: You must know when the relevances of scaffolding people have started constituting a nuisance to your personal development and progress. And at such a time, all you must do is to discard them without delay, if not, your star will never shine.

4. CROCODILE PEOPLE: This category of people are pretenders. They don’t have good reasons or godly intentions for getting closer to you. They only get close to know your secrets and will possibly use whatever personal information they know about you against you at any slightest provocation or disagreement. Crocodile people are not only pretenders, they are liars, backstabbers, gossipers, and twaddlers.

Note: Crocodile people would pretend to gain your empathy and make you vulnerable to be able to attack thereafter.

5. CHAMELEON PEOPLE: This set of people are envious and full of jealousy. They are always in unhealthy competition with you. They pretend as if they are going in the same direction as you but only to silently monitor your life’s progress with evil and negative intentions. They are envious of your success and as a result, enter into competitive jealousy with you. Chameleon people are friends that will neither support you nor celebrate your progress, but always amplify your mistakes and downfall.

Note: A jealous and envious friend can go to any length to sabotage your efforts, frustrate your plans, and destroy your dreams.

6. NAYSAYER PEOPLE: This set of people are dream killers. They won’t appreciate your dreams and would never support them. They won’t see your efforts but will always capitalize on your failed attempts. They won’t see your cup half-empty and not half-full. When you are working on solutions, they would be busy creating more problems for you. They are passion killers and hope drainers.

Note: Naysayer People don’t have dreams, so they will neither appreciate your dream nor support it.

7. GARBAGE PUSHER PEOPLE: This category of people are the worst of them all. They don’t have anything good to offer. Their lives are full of debris, dirtiness, and trash. They are carriers of bad and negative news. They are carriers and disseminators of discouraging and demoralizing information. Anytime they surface, it means they have something negative to talk about. They are peddlers of unfortunate events and negative development.

Note: Garbage Pusher People are always the first set of people to tweet, post, and broadcast ungodly, unfortunate, unprofitable, and heartbreaking information.


It is your sole responsibility to examine your life to understand what categories of people you are surrounded with. Your life can only move in the right direction the moment you associate with positive people and disconnect from negative people. 

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