Sickle Cell Carriers Hail Soludo On Good Governance

Sickle Cell Carriers Hail Soludo On Good Governance

…Describes him as ”Wonder Star of the East”

Following the employment of two sickle cell carriers into the state teaching hospital, Governor of Anambra State, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, has been described as the “wonder star of the east” for his dedication to good governance and ensuring equity and fairness.

This appraisal came from the Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, upon learning how Governor Soludo, through the commissioner for health, Dr Afam Obidike, offered employment to two sickle cell carriers whom are medical doctors to work in the senior cadre at the state owned Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital.

Briefing journalists on the development, the national coordinator of the association, Mrs Aisha Edward Maduagwu, said that such job in magnitude is first of its kind for persons living with sickle cell by any government in Anambra State.

“I have high hopes that Governor Soludo will perform beyond expectations, his already started on the right footing.”

“It has always been difficult for persons living with sickle cell disorder to secure higher employments irrespective of their outstanding qualifications. We are being discriminately stigmatized by some employers of labours, making our health conditions a seeming albatross hanging menacingly around our necks.

Mrs Maduagwu also commended the solution government for absorbing about 5000 teachers just few months into the administration, thereby re-invigorating the educational system for quality-oriented education. This singular superlative action has propelled the association to withdraw it’s wards from private schools and enroll them into government public schools where excellence is guaranteed.

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