Some 7 Attitudes Of Barrier Breakers

Some 7 Attitudes Of Barrier Breakers

In the course of my findings as a Personal Development Strategist, I have come to realize that people don’t break life’s barriers by accident. I have discovered that those who have broken major and significant barriers in any field of endeavour have some personality traits in common and 7 of such such characteristics are:

1. They don’t take NO for an answer: to become a barrier breaker, you must be ready not to take NO for an answer.

2. They don’t settle for LESS: to break unusual barriers, you must learn not to settle for anything lesser than your goal

3. They don’t believe in IMPOSSIBILITY: to become a barrier breaker, you must believe that nothing is impossible

4. They don’t dwell in COMFORT ZONE: to break life’s barriers, you must leave your comfort zone and forge ahead

5. They impose the power of SELF-DISCIPLINE: it’s impossible to become a barrier breaker without self-discipline

6. They SACRIFICE the needful: you must be ready to sacrifice your time, resources, pleasure, and other necessities

7. They BELIEVE in themselves: you must believe that you can do it. Your state of mind is the KEY to your success.


You must learn to think more of success than failure. Your thoughts have the power to manifest even with/without your consent.

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