Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in Strategic Relationships

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in Strategic Relationships

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

1. Impatient: Failure to endure while patiently waiting or observing the maturity period of the relationship can abort maturity process

2. Excessive Demands: Making excessive demands without making commensurate supplies kills relationships untimely

3. Ingratitude: Failure to appreciate the efforts and contributions of the other partner can lead to frustration and discouragement

4. Over-expectation: Unreasonable/ unrealistic desires and expectations are killers of relationships.

5. Disloyalty: Inability of either or both partners to keep secrets and maintain confidentiality would result in a dead end for the relationship

6. Insincerity: Failure of either or both partners to deal in sincerity and with genuine intentions won’t do the relationship any good

7. Beware of Intruders: When a relationship is beneficial, intruders would want to poke their noses for its downfall.

8. Being Taken for Granted: Nobody wants to be taken for granted. Taking others for granted makes them feel unwanted and unappreciated.

9. Wrongful Assumptions: In Strategic relationship, you do not allow undue assumptions to colour your opinions and actions.

10. Beware of Pretence: Never pretend to appear perfect to the other person. Let your true nature and personality be known without a iota of pretence.

11. Over Familiarity: Becoming too familiar with other partners in strategic relationships can ruin the goals and objectives of such relationships

12. Entitlement Mentality: Having a sense of right and entitlement to things that belong to the other partners in a strategic relationships can spell doom to such relationships.


No meaningful relationship dies a natural death. What killed many strategic relationships is the failure of individual partner to avoid some common mistakes that are capable of killing such relationships.

*To be continued as I will discuss in the next volume some necessary conditions that every meaningful and productive relationships must fulfilled.

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