Stop Demarketing Anambra State on Social Media-Ezeajughi

Stop Demarketing Anambra State on Social Media-Ezeajughi

By Tony Eri

In an interactive session with Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), Chief of Staff to Anambra State Governor, Mr Ernest Ezeajughi, urged citizens to use social media for positive development.

He said that social media is a powerful tool that can be used to promote the state and its many achievements. However, he noted that it is often used for negative purposes, such as spreading misinformation and demarketing the state.

Ezeajughi stated that the Anambra State Government welcomes constructive criticism, both positive and negative. The government is open to feedback for improvement, and the people can see the progress that is being made in areas such as infrastructure, security, economy, human capital, and governance.

Addressing the security situation in the state, Ezeajughi said that Anambra citizens know how bad the situation was when Soludo assumed office. Seven local governments in Anambra South and Ogbaru in Anambra North were under siege by criminals.

However, the governor came in and chased the criminals away. Unfortunately, social media reporters did not see this as a major development to report on.

The Chief of Staff discussed the reforms in the security sector, mentioning that Governor Soludo created the Ministry of Homeland Security and the Joint Taskforce, which comprises the Army, Police, Navy, and the Anambra Vigilante services. These institutions are working together to combat insecurity in the state.

In the agricultural sector, the government recently distributed Malaysian hybrid coconuts and palm oil seedlings to every household in the state. These seedlings have the potential to generate wealth for households in the next 2-3 years.

The Anambra State Government has embarked on a massive road construction project, covering over 300 kilometers of roads across the state. The rains have delayed some of the work, but the government is confident that the roads will be completed soon. Once the roads are finished, they will improve the quality of life for residents and attract new investment to the state.

Soludo’s Chief of Staff went on to discuss the construction of an industrial park at Ogboji, which will create massive jobs. The park will also include the Solution Fun City, an entertainment and leisure hub that is currently under construction in Awka.

Ezeajughi also talked about the government’s investment in healthcare, including the revamping of state general hospitals and the introduction of telemedicine.

Telemedicine allows doctors to reach out to patients in rural areas with a phone call, providing them with access to quality healthcare even if they live far from a hospital.

According to Chief of Staff Ezeajughi, 75% of Anambra indigenes’ investments are outside the state. He asked how people can expect others to return home and invest in Anambra if they continue to demarket the state on social media.

He said that the state government is committed to making Anambra a “liveable and prosperous smart megacity.”

Mr. Ezeajughi revealed that Governor Soludo is currently attending a town hall meeting with Anambra indigenes in Abuja to inform them that the state is safe and open for investment.

The meeting is being held at Bolton White Event Centre, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja. If you are an Abuja resident, you are welcome to attend.

The government received positive feedback from the town hall meeting in Lagos, and there is a belief that the meeting in Abuja will be equally successful.

He urged Anambra indigenes to bring their investments back home, saying that “there is no place like home” and also encouraged the youths to use social media to promote Anambra and the developmental strides of the governor.

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