Strategies And Coping Mechanisms to Survive A Disrupted Economy

Strategies And Coping Mechanisms to Survive A Disrupted Economy

It is no longer news that the Nigerian economy is going through an unprecedented disruption as a result of some regulatory policies of the Federal Government to secure a better future for the country.

I am not here to defend or attack the Federal Government on the outcomes of those policies but to share my views on how an average can survive the prevalent socioeconomic problems that are ravaging the economic well-being of an average Nigerian.


1. Cost-cutting Approach: Make drastic effort to cut off unnecessary expenses

2. Make Use of What You Have: This is not the time to replace or change personal items that can still serve you

3. Beware of Wrong Investment: It is dangerous to invest large amounts of money in a disruptive economy

4. Learn to Improvise: Always think of an alternative to anything that can cause you to spend unnecessarily

5. Needs over Wants: Differentiate your needs from your wants. Needs are necessities while wants are optional

6. Alternative Source of Income: Never depend on one source of income.

7. Activate Survival Mode: This is not a time to impress or

oppress others. It is not a time to prove your

fortune and worth to intimidate others. *IT IS A TIME TO HELP OTHERS!*


Considering the social realities and economic

conditions in Nigeria of today, it is expedient to adjust our living standard to reflect

current happenings in our economy.

I Wish You A Pleasant Night!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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