Ten (10) Wisdom Nuggets to Think About

Ten (10) Wisdom Nuggets to Think About

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

1. Life waits for nobody. Wake up each day and keep pushing through by working on your dreams until you succeed 

2. Take good care of yourself – your health, mental health, physical appearance, eat a balanced diet. If anything happens to you, life will move on and you will be left behind.

3. If you do not work hard to build your dream life, other people will hire you to build theirs and you will continue to live in regret

4. Work in silence and celebrate your success in private. The majority of people around you wish you would succeed. People love to ruin things.

5. Know that you cannot change your past. So never regret your past, but learn from it and move on. Life is lived forward but understand backward.

6. Understand nobody owes you anything. Take responsibility for your life and be ready to work hard for any you desire, and you will be freed from unrealistic expectations

7. Never put absolute trust in anyone irrespective of the closeness or the alliance. We all need shoulders to lean on but be careful where you lay your head. Do not forget that salt and sugar look alike.

8. Rule over your feelings and never allow your opinions and important decisions to be coloured by emotions but reasonings.

9. When you meet people that are better than you, never hate, envy, or engage in competitive jealousy with them. Be wise enough to associate and learn from them.

10. Learn to mind your own business, especially where and when you are not invited, and you will be at peace and happy with yourself.


In life, you must understand that no matter how good, kind, loving, peaceful you are to others, not everyone would do the same to you.


Whatever you do to people is a reflection of your true personality. What others do to you is equally a reflection of who they are.

I Wish You A Wonderful Day

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