The Inevitability of Restructuring

The Inevitability of Restructuring

By Kayode Akano

Opinion: 1 USSR deceived itself for 69 years, it got restructured eventually into 15 autonomous antagonistic countries today.

2 Yugoslavia Class of 45 Military turned political elites deceived itself for about three decades, when peaceful restructuring became impossible, each nationality went their separate ways in a violent way. From Yugoslavia emerged about 7 countries

3 Europe deceived itself for over 100 years until they discovered that progress was impossible if Germany/ Austria/ Poland etc were under one government. Rapid transformation happened when Austria, Poland, Germany each had to fend for itself.

4 If India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (IPB) had remained under one roof, Tower of Babel would have been more organized than IPB

5 Nigeria is not working and it cannot fulfil its destiny as it is presently constituted, regardless of whoever is the leader. I used to believe Nigeria’s problem is squarely that of leadership. I spent years researching into how Nations fail and succeed and I came away convinced that our problem is fundamentally structural.

6 No nation has ever transformed without *ELITES CONSENSUS* I studied 50 countries including China, America, India, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

For instance, it was the Elites consensus of 1950 that erected the ICT foundation in India that makes India a global leader today

Between August 27-31st, 1897 the Jewish elites, 208 of them gathered together and spoke the words that in 50 years they would have their own nation in the Palestine, their homeland. And exactly 50 years after, Israel was created which brought together people who had been separated for 2000 years.

Today that tiny nation is behind most of the technological innovations that the whole world depends on today from America to China to Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Israel Jews of about 7 million people have more companies on NASDAQ in the US than the entire Europe of 700 million people

The young boys behind WhatsApp and Facebook are Ukrainian Jews while Google was created by two Americans (Larry Page and Sergi Brin), one of them a Russian Jew.

6 However, the Nigeria’s Elites have never been able to agree on any transformation agenda for Implementation.

While some people say *Western education is bad*(Boko Haram), some want western education.

It is not an accident that:

1 We have made over $1Trillon in Oil revenue and we are the poverty Capita of the Universe

2 That we have about 15 million dangerous street urchins ( Almajiris) in the North

3 That we have 133million + new 4 million multidimensional poor people in Nigeria

4 That the Youth unemployment rate is almost 60%. Forget the 4% which government is throwing up

5 That we are 9th gas nation globally and 6th Oil biggest nation with coal and unlimited sunlight yet the country is in darkness.

6 That we have no functional refineries yet we have workers in Kaduna, Warri, PH refineries earning salaries for Job not done.

All said, those who oppose restructuring  know the truth but the *fear of the unknown* is making them to fight it. But history is not on their side.

*Nature abhors vacuum, situation cannot be mismanaged forever* Impossible.

Nobody can fight *an idea which time has come*

Restructuring will happen, I am 100% convinced. My only prayer is that Nigeria should learn from both Yugoslavia and USSR experiences and work it out peacefully.

Russia was behaving arrogantly in the USSR, like  an irresponsible husband, but when people got fed up they declared their respective independence and Russia is licking its wounds till today.

We have played for 63 years; we are still playing.

*Let’s Get Serious, OR, Let’s Stop Playing*

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