The Power Of Self-Belief

The Power Of Self-Belief

…..The Law of Self-Acceptance

Your ability to create quality and acceptable beliefs within and about yourself would go a long way to help you achieve your goals and bring about significant progress in whatever you do.

In today’s world where almost everyone seems to be fake and unrealistic, it takes a high degree of courage, determination, and self-belief in yourself and in whatever you do before expecting others to believe in you and accept you.

Most times, the major reason you don’t get the acceptance you need from others could be as a result of your failure or inability to first believe in yourself as a result of doubt, fear, past failures, and other self-limiting thoughts and factors.

If truly you desire to go far in life, you must put an end to every element of mediocrity and eliminate all kinds of self-limiting attitudes and lifestyles and from that point, you would realize that your life cannot but change for the best.


Until you first accept, then love and believe in yourself, you may never get the acceptance you are seeking from others. When you believe in yourself, you won’t need the acceptance of anyone to become your best.

*Subsequently, I will share with you 12 principles, 12 impediments, and 12 benefits of self-belief.*

I Wish You A Great Week!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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