The State of Imo Politics: Between Imo People And The Others

The State of Imo Politics: Between Imo People And The Others

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

One of the rules of politics, anywhere in the world, as propounded by Yours Sincerely is that; “Everyone is useful, but no one is indispensable.”. The second rule that looks like it is; “If you fail to maximise your value, you will become valueless.”

Imo politics is interesting, and I can tell you that there are few States in Nigeria that boasts of more sophistication of conspiracies than we have in Imo State. But, you need to understand that like everything else in life, time is moving and the tides are changing. If you do not take due cognisance of the time, the tides might sweep you away.

Imo, at least, since 1999, has not had a more stable polity than we have it currently. All renowned troublemakers in Imo politics have either been beaten to their own games, by the undisputed grandmaster of politics, who holds sway, deservedly, as the governor of Imo State, or they have seen reasons to align with the ideals that are surely prospering Imo and stabilising our polity, while guaranteeing sure-footed advancement of our individual political aspirations.

To state it more clearly; there is no time in the history of our dear State that we have had a better consensus in politics than now.

If there was any sign of life left in the once most vociferous opposition Party in Imo State, all its skeletons have been laid bare as it has been literally garroted with the departure of more than 80% of those who made it look alive, and the apparent inertia of the few who have stayed behind.

 It is safe to say that the PDP has officially lost its place as the major opposition Party in Imo State, and the Ihedioha led Rebuild Imo Movement, even without having announced a political Party it is defecting to, takes over as the most viable alternative platform in the State. The Labour Party as it stands today might place second after Rebuild Imo, before the extinct PDP.

The governing All Progressives Congress has become even more formidable and virile, since after the elections, with the defections of more bigwigs from across different Parties to the Progressives. For fear of being tagged immodest, I will not say that the APC is the only Party existing in Imo State, even though recent election results and current state of things, including the calibre of people who have joined the Party and others queuing at the entrance gate to join or rejoin makes it obvious.

There have been feelers from different pundits suggesting that Ihedioha’s Rebuild Imo Movement is getting ready to join the APC en masse.

While I cannot confirm the veracity of such claims, I am confident that many critical leaders who resigned from the PDP recently will not join the Rebuild Imo Movement to any political Party, if it is not the APC. Already, some of these leaders have begun their moves and are consulting widely within the APC family.

Unlike in the past when some individuals who had control over Party’s structures would be reluctant to welcome new members, especially, valuable leaders with solid national contacts, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has proven to be a confident and secure leader by opening the gates of the Party wide for anyone who wants to join, and there are no preconditions apart from insisting on obedience to Party Constitution, guidelines and procedures.

The APC in Imo State is no longer bothered about popularity, because it has become obvious that the Party is the consensus Party of Imo people. What the Party would be concerned about now is on the management of its success, which thus far has been commendable.

The Party has not become complacent, but continues to be deliberate in retaining the confidence and loyalty of the people through implementation of people oriented policies and oiling its structures at the grassroots.

Going by the current state of politics in Imo, it is safe to conclude that Imo people are fully on the same page with their governor, while there are, as it is bound to be, a few people, who are on the other side. Opposition is vital to the survival of any democracy, and we would not begrudge the ineffective minority of their right to champion opposition causes and dreams.


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