This Is Too Much

This Is Too Much

I was scrolling through Facebook 3 days ago and the attached short video caught my attention, and after watching it over and over, I decided to do a review of its contents in relation to lessons that can be learnt from it.

Below are my discoveries and lessons that one can learn from the video. In case you do not receive the click, check my WhatsApp Status for it, please:

Lesson 1: The boy knew what he wanted and knew where to get it. You must know what you want and where to get it.

Lesson 2: You must have a clear vision of your desire or goal in life and be ready to purple it.

Lesson 3: You must be willing and ready to leave your comfort zone to achieve your desired goal.

Lesson 4: Be ready to face and overcome likely obstacles while making efforts to achieve your goals.

Lesson 5: Prepare and be ready to pay the price of your goal, desire, asprations or your God-given destiny.

Lesson 6: The attainment of your goal may require from you than the actual price, so prepare to go the extra miles while working on your goals.

Lesson 7: Be determined not to compromise your non-negotiable by settling for anything lesser than your original goal.

Lesson 8: On your way to your goal, you would get to where you are not going, don’t allow distractions and strange attractions to shift your focus from pursuing your desired goal.

*Why would the boy pay for 2 cans of Coca-Cola and use them as ordinary stepping stones to reach for 1 can of Pepsi. Was it not too much of a price to pay?*

Lesson 9: Every goal has a price tag. To achieve your desired goal, there is a price to be paid.

Lesson 10: People with a strong determination are always ready to sacrifice whatever it requires by paying any price to reach their goals.

Lesson 11: For as long as people can afford to pay your price, they are at liberty to do whatever they like with you. (Learn to increase your value in order to raise your price. A case of Rose Royce and Toyota)

Lesson 12: When you encounter obstacles and challenges while working on your goal, learn to be strategic in your thinking to device possible and alternative solution.

Lesson 13: You must understand that there are times that you must be ready to use what you have as a means to get what you want in life. (The bit lacked height, but used money to pay for platform that increased his height)

Lesson 14: Not everyone patronizing your product/service truly loves your brand. Some are only using patronage as a means to reach their final goal. (The boy bought and wasted 2 cans of Coke in order to get 1 can of Pepsi)

Lesson 15: When you are not someone’s favourite or preferred choice, they have the tendency to use you to achieve their goals and carelessly abandon you thereafter.

Lesson 16: The fact that the boy did not go for Coca-Cola does not make it worthless. Life is about preference. One man’s food is another man poison. The same fate can befall Pepsi from another person.

Lesson 17: After reaching the top and achieve your goal, don’t abandon the platform that help your growth. You may need it again and again. (The boy left the 2 cans of coke without having regard for what happens to them thereafter).

The Videoa


The video clip was not an advert by Pepsi, it was a skit done by an individual to explain the power of choice and the intricacies of personal preferences when it relates to goal attainment, using the known brands to drive home his points.

Though there can be better ways to achieve the same goal without making one brand looks inferior to the other.



I Wish You A Happy Weekend!

*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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