Tinubu’s 4 Years Will Go From Worse To Worst Because of IMF, Europe And America’s Manipulation- Kalu Ijomah

Tinubu’s 4 Years Will Go From Worse To Worst Because of IMF, Europe And America’s Manipulation- Kalu Ijomah

… Reveals  America’s involvement in Nigeria’s calamity

The Governorship candidate of National Rescue Movement in the last general election in Abia state, Chief Kalu Ijomah has stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will rule Nigeria for four years and will be unable to solve the hardship occasioned by his economic policies.

Kalu stated this in a chat with Newsmen in Umuahia, the Abia state capital last weekend. The Abia  NRM governorship candidate noted that the conditions that Europe and America gave President Tinubu to get their support to  become Nigeria’s President  will hinder him from doing anything meaningful for the four years he will rule Nigeria. He said that the President is acting a script, written, delivered and being directed by Western countries. According to him, the removal of fuel subsidy is not in the interest of Nigeria but a plot by world powers to continue to suffocate Nigeria and further enslave the most populous African country.

KALU questioned the sudden removal of fuel subsidy without proper plan, noting that the advanced countries that are behind the subsidy removal have subsidy policies running in their nations.

 “Why the rush to remove fuel subsidy on the day of inauguration? Even in advanced countries where power supply is stable, their people enjoy some form of subsidy or the other. Why should Nigeria a struggling country be different? Especially considering the fact that most households and companies generate their own power supply”.

“In 2021, the EU spent €184 billion on energy subsidies, which include fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewables, with €39 billion being attributable to fossil fuel subsidies. The primary sectors where fossil fuel subsidies are utilized in the EU are transport, industry, energy, and agriculture”.

“Fuel subsidy was the only social welfare programme of  government that was available to  Nigerians. It had a profound and direct impact on the welfare and job creation potential of even the poorest Nigerians. Its sudden and uncoordinated removal has unleashed a most fearsome and debilitating austerity on the people”.

“Nigeria is heading no where under this administration.  The  2024 budget is  business-as-usual exercise, lacks  concrete ideas and actions that would support Nigeria’s journey toward economic transformation, consisting mainly of wasteful expenditures.  Budget 2024 will not facilitate growth and cannot empower our citizens to earn a living and live a decent life”.

Kalu maintained that America and other western countries are  behind Nigeria’s predicaments, while they pretend to be supporting her.

“America pretends to be friendly with Nigeria but in reality her worst enemy. They support directly or indirectly governments that do not perform in Nigeria. Under former  President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, Nigeria was the third fastest growing economy in the world, just behind Mongolia and China. What did America under Barak Obama do? They worked against him, frustrated his fight against insecurity and supported the opposition to remove him from seat. Through CNN, Politically motivated Human Right groups and allies, they heavily criticized Jonathan’s administration as the most corrupt government,  Nigerians and the world believed it”.

Ugonmaigbo TV News reports that in the heat of the Boko Haram insurgency, the US government placed an arms embargo on Nigeria, though it cited gross abuse of human rights on the part of the Nigerian army as the reason for its decision.

“Dr Goodluck Jonathan (former President) publicly said that President Barack Obama and his officials made it clear to him by their actions that they wanted a change of government in Nigeria and were ready to do anything to achieve that purpose. He said that they even brought some naval ships into the Gulf of Guinea in the days preceding the election. Jonathan also accused Obama of influencing the opinions of world leaders against him”.

“How can a country that claims to be friendly with Nigeria not support a country that had the third fastest growing economy in the world when her support was highly needed? Why would they openly  support a change of government by all cost? What was America’s naval war ship doing at the gulf of Guinea close to Nigeria’s Presidential election? With all that happened during 2023 Nigeria Presidential election, where was the American naval war ship? Where was the war ship during the killing of innocent Nigerian youths  during #ENDSARS? Why did America keep quiet during President Tinubu’s certificate saga?”.

“What they do is to support those who cannot perform, so that they west will continue to plunder Nigeria and keep her incapacitated. I ask again, with this ever increasing hunger in Nigeria, where are the so called human rights bodies, civil society groups used to criticize Goodluck Jonathan? They won’t talk because the person they want is in power. This government is in compromise with them, so Tinubu’s eight years in office is already sold, no hope”. He concluded.

Nigeria is battling rising inflation, food inflation, forex crisis, economic hardship and high cost of living occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidy, attracting  protests in many parts of the country and looting of both government and private owned goods.


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