Tinubu’s Reformation Agenda And Federal Character In Action : Shame To Buhari And El Rufai

Tinubu’s Reformation Agenda And Federal Character In Action : Shame To Buhari And El Rufai

 By Emmanuel Gandu

The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended stipulates the reflection of federal character in appointment, promotion, allocation of projects, etc.

This is what Muhammadu Buhari and El Rufai refused to adhere to during the 8 years of their Nepotism in Nigeria.

When they held sway, they appointed only their Fulani/Hausa North in virtually every positions.

The duo did not stop at that – they allowed their fulani kinsmen to wreck havoc by the wanton Killing, rape, kidnapping, destruction of life and property without restrain.

The National and state treasury was looted by their reckless band of vipers who swept away every available kobo and reservoir of resources, land and landed property without leaving anything for future  generations.

After 8 years of untold hardship and agony,  Buhari abandoned the rest of Nigeria at the precipice.

Nigeria, the once giant of Africa is now an old shadow of herself as we  have sudenlly become an inept, debtor, and beggar nation – no thanks to Buhari and El Rufai.

Buhari and El Rufai have put a knife on the things that held us together and we’ve fallen apart.

They have handed over a divided country along several fault lines of tribal and religious lines thereby taking this country back by 100 years. Surely, Nigerians were not as divided as we are today going back to the years before the amalgamation.

However, Nigeria is breathing a new lease of life in just less than 3 weeks of the coming of the Tinubu Administration.

It therefore remains to be seen whether posterity will be kind to Buhari and El Rufai, or judge them square and fair.

Time will tell.

Peace  🙏


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