Ways to Cultivate Strategic Relationships

Ways to Cultivate Strategic Relationships

1. Be Visionary: Having a clear-cut vision of what you want to become or achieve would guide you into knowing the kind of relationship to cultivate

2. Strategic Plans: You must develop strategic plans for the attainment of your envisioned projection. In such plans, you make preparation and provisions for strategic relationships

3. Shared Goals: In the process of building strategic relationships, you must identify individuals with similar or complementing goals. Individuals whose characteristics are relevant to the goals and objectives of your vision

4. Right Individuals: You do not need everyone to achieve your vision. You must develop analytical skills to identify right individuals that will be needed to achieve your vision.

5. Suitable Strategies: Having identified the right individuals, you must develop the most suitable strategies to link up with them and continuously nurture the relationship.

6. Time Factor: Sufficient/ample time is required for strategic relationships to steadily evolve and mature. Give the relationship time to develop into productive relationships

7. Selflessness: Make sure that you are not selfish in your approaches and strategies when building strategic relationships. Be selflessly motivated to nurture the relationship into maturity.

8. Reciprocation: It takes two to tangle. Not everyone you desire to cultivate relationship with would be willing to do same with you. You must find out if the other party is reciprocating your efforts. If not, you might need to revisit your decision.

9. Commitment: Since the purpose of strategic relationships is not for immediate or a one-time benefit, a strong commitment is required to keep it going. You must regularly sacrifice to keep the relationships alive.

10. Communication: Make sure you communicate clearly, regularly and effectively. Quality communication enhances the productivity of strategic relationships.


Never be in a hurry to maximize the profits or benefits of strategic relationships. Most strategic relationships do not become profitable or beneficial in the short-term but in the long-term.

*To be continued. In Volume 4, I will discuss 10 Effective Ways to Manage Strategic Relationships. *

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*Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)*

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