What Type of Lifestyle Are You Living?

What Type of Lifestyle Are You Living?

By Gbenga Emiloju (DMPII)

As an individual, your lifestyle per time cannot but be categorized into any of into any of the following:

1. Prepaid Lifestyle

2. Pay As You Go Lifestyle

3. Postpaid Lifestyle

To know which of the above lifestyles describes your situation, read along with me the components and explanatory variables of each of the 3 lifestyles.

*1. Prepaid Lifestyle: (Pay Today and Enjoy Tomorrow) *

This is a situation where an individual is working diligently and very hard today to ensure a better, successful, and reliable future. As such, efforts are geared towards future benefits that immediate gratifications.

People in this category are busy sacrificing the pleasure of today to pay the price of a promising future. Such as going to school, learning a skill, acquisition of equipment, etc. to secure a better tomorrow.

*2. Pay As You Go Lifestyle: (Pay Today and Enjoy Today) *

This is a situation where someone have no regard for the future. These individuals live their lives a day at a time. They are people who do not believe in saving for the rainy days.

This category of people believe that they must enjoy their lives with the available resources while tomorrow will take care of itself. Their focus is on what they benefitting at the moment and they do not care for the future.

*3. Postpaid Lifestyle: (Enjoy Today and Pay Tomorrow) *

This is a situation where someone enjoys undue benefits and gratifications in the present at the expense of his/her future opportunities and successes.

In this category, such people are busy enjoying the benefits today while they pay the price in the future. They squared opportunities and benefits that are meant for their future because of greed and impatient.

*Worth Thinking About: *

1. For those Living A Prepaid Lifestyle: Don’t be carried away by working hard to save for the future alone and forget to take care of yourself and enjoy life at every stage.

2. For those Living A Pay As You Go Lifestyle: As much as you need to enjoy life at every point in time, make sure you save and invest to avoid the embarrassment of unprepared future.

3. For those Living A Postpaid Lifestyle: It is your prerogative to deny yourself of undue gratifications that can hinder or sabotage your future success.

*Worth Thinking About: *

The whole idea is knowing the right thing to do and the readiness to do it at the right time.  What are those things that you need TO DO or DO AWAY WITH to secure a better future for yourself?

*Go Ahead and Do It! *

I Wish You A Pleasant Weekend!

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