Why Home Gardens Revival Amid Rising Food Prices is a Necessity

Why Home Gardens Revival Amid Rising Food Prices is a Necessity

By Daniel Ezeigwe

Amidst the rising costs of living in the country, Anambra Governor’s wife, Mrs Nonye Soludo, has emphasized on the need for revival of home garden to help families brace the tide.

Responding to questions during engagement with women group in Awka, Mrs Soludo noted that traditional home garden practices which were obtained in the past provided a primary alternative to commercial food products which were mostly expensive.

She stated that the idea of home or backyard gardens is to improve families’ dining supplies and to also help them make healthy food choices in terms of eating organically grown foods.

The Governor’s wife stressed that economic circumstances do not completely determine healthy living practices, including the choice of what one consumes to keep the body in the best shape.

She dispelled the notion that eating healthy is akin to making expensive choice of food, stating that one only needs to go to the small farm behind the house to pick up what the body needs to stay right.

The Anambra First Lady encouraged the reintroduction of gardens around homes, noting that those who live in areas without enough land for subsistence farming purposes can adopt sack farming, which does not cost anything to set up as having such farms around the house, households can have easier and healthier alternatives, boost the green environment, and also

The Anambra Governor’s wife, while stating that it is important for households to adopt healthy living as a family culture, stressed that the long-term gains are numerous.

She pointed out that by including nutrition as the first pillar of her healthy living goals, she was looking at a stage when Anambra families will prioritize nutritional values of what they eat, while family health would be greatly improved.

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