Why Most Husbands Will Remain Poor!

Why Most Husbands Will Remain Poor!

By Janet Daniel Odo

It’s a proven fact that the main desire of every male is to be financially stable and efficient, right?

The main prayer point of any husband is to be blessed so he could provide for his family, right?

But I’ve come to discover that the major reason why that prayer or desire is yet to be actualized is as a result of how that Man treats his family especially his Wife.

The truth is this, most husbands will remain poor due to how they treat their Wife.

A little story for you:

There was this woman in our neighborhood years back that confided in my Mum about her marriage issues.

My husband, is so stingy she complained (he hides money from her, prefers to shop for the home, doesn’t share his income and financial plans with her and constantly belittled her for being so financially dependent on him) and each time she opens up to her husband, he always ends up beating her.

Each time this happens, she would go on her knees and weep bitterly to God hoping for some kind of intervention.

This continued for years and as usual, my Mum would always encourage her to take the issues to God in prayer.

In all these, this man struggled financially,  couldn’t provide for the kids school fees and they lived in a single room house even though they had obviously outgrown that space.

But one day, this woman was badly beaten by her husband and her family went and carried her from their home. For 3 months, this man was left to take care of five children and their numerous demands coupled with the fact that he had to work. After the third month, he had to go plead with his in-laws to release his wife back to him and promised to change for the better.

Truly, he did change!

For he stopped beating his wife, started trusting her with his resources and suddenly, this woman that looked not so beautiful before due to lack of care and a sorrowful heart began to look beautiful, she began to glow and the the financial doors began to open.

Few months later, this family moved to a three bedroom apartment, acquired a car,  he even started a business for the wife to manage so she could be financially stable enough to support him and their home.

Dear Husband, as long as you are beating your wife, don’t expect to be blessed.

 Know that your wife’s tears goes directly to God. She may not need to curse you verbally but her tears has spoken enough for the Accuser of the brethren (Satan) to use against you before God.

Dear Husband, if you cannot trust that lady with your finances, please don’t go into marriage with her. I hear most men complaining about ladies being too financially demanding and so on. Please to avoid the numerous request, kindly open up about your income to your spouse to be. Let her know all the channels through which you get money, then watch and see if she will ever ask for anything beyond that income margin.

Dear Husband, if necessary, please empower your wife. Encourage her to go back to school, learn a skill, start a business, etc. Support her career or business path. After all marriage is about two imperfect people working together towards perfection.

Dear Husband, stop using words that can cut through your Wife like a sharp knife. Stop saying demeaning things to her. She cooks and you dare call the food tasteless? Her tears can speak against you remember. Shedding tears is part of a woman’s make up, so you know. Strive to get her to shed tears of joy and fulfilment on your behalf. The rewards are enormous.

Finally, Dear Husband, dwell with them (your wife) according to knowledge, giving honour unto your wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as joint heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered – 1 Peter 3:7.

Remember, He that finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favour of the Lord – Prob 18:22.

Dear Wives, please no matter how bad you may feel about a situation in your marriage and with your husband, do not cry against him. Especially if you desire to see him do well in life.

One wife whose husband was treating so badly looked at her husband and said with tears running down her face “is it because you have more money that you are treating me like trash? You will loose that job.” Few months later, he lost that job and have been jobless and at the mercy of his wife now.

Marriage is more Spiritual than physical. If you have not read my E-book: The Realities Of Marriage, then you should.

No matter what, let’s be careful what we say to our spouse in moments of anger and hurt. Give no room to the devil.

Speak what you desire to see in your marriage and don’t stop speaking until you see results.

I am Janet Daniel Odo and I desire to see you enjoy your Marriage to the fullest.






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