Why Nigerian Emerges Winner in West African Food Festival 2024

Why Nigerian Emerges Winner in West African Food Festival 2024

… Bakes 32 Varieties of Bread in a given Period

By Ibrahim Garba

The Nigerian Chef Gladys Abulu has emerged at the recently concluded 2024 West African food festival held at Lome Togo.

She who emerged winner ahead of other contestants having been declared winner at the previous edition that took place in Lagos Nigeria, baked 32 varieties of bread over a given period of time by the judges, and meeting target set by the organisers of the competition to bring Nigeria the honour as the best in bread production.

It will be recalled that Chef Abulu who doubles as the Chief Chef and Chief Instructor in an Abuja based White Dish Culinary Academy, has brought Nigeria this honour for the second time in a row as she was the winner of the last year’s regional edition which was held in Lagos where she took home the trophy ahead of many others country representatives.

Eulogizing Chef Abulu, one  of the competing Chef acknowledged that  “she came prepared to beat Gladys but she noticed however that “she changed the game by mixing all her ingredients with hands while many were using mixers – that took many including the judges by surprised, and more interesting is her accuracy in measurements, a feat never imagined since the competition started which gave her an edge over other competitors”.

Today, according to Gladys “the Nigerian flag is flying higher in Lome, Togo with this win as Nigeria is best in bread production in the whole of West Africa”.

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