World Polio Day: Mrs Soludo Calls for Renewed Awareness

World Polio Day: Mrs Soludo Calls for Renewed Awareness

…Says Diseases not Completely Defeated

Anambra Governor’s Wife, Mrs Nonye Soludo has advocated for renewed efforts in the fight against poliomyelitis in Nigeria.

She emphasizes that increased awareness is necessary as many households are still not fully aware of the current ravage of the disease.

Mrs Soludo who stated this in a statement released in Awka, to commemorate the 2023 World Polio Day said that despite concerted efforts made over the years to eradicate this deadly disease, a more comprehensive approach is needed to completely eliminate it from Nigeria.

 According to her, one of these approaches includes increased tempo and coverage in awareness creation and education for parents, especially those in rural communities on how dangerous poliomyelitis is and its symptoms’ importance.

Mrs Soludo also noted that mothers should understand the significance of administering a polio vaccine when their babies need them and what to do when they observe related symptoms.

As Rotary International’s Polio Ambassador, she lauds critical stakeholders’ efforts who have been at the forefront of decades-long war against this dangerous sickness.

She further pledged her commitment to lead Anambra children’s safety from this virus by investing resources into preventing distant cases alongside checking existing problems within Anambra State’s health sector championed by present administration.

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Polio Day provides an opportunity every year on October 24th to highlight global efforts towards a polio-free world while honoring those contributing tirelessly on the frontlines fighting against it worldwide.


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