Yul Edochie Is A Compound Idiot

Yul Edochie Is A Compound Idiot

By Emeka Ugwuonye

January 2,2024

When the story broke on social media that Yul Edochie had declared himself a proud polygamist, I laughed. I told everybody that would listen that Yul was embarking on a dangerous course that would cost him dearly. At the time I said that, I had never met or ever spoken to May Yul-Edochie. I was writing then only in my capacity as the Founder of an organization that champions gender justice in Nigeria.

I later got to know the individuals involved in the Edochie’s sordid saga. True to my prediction, Yul Edochie is facing today a total mental meltdown, which is completely self-inflicted. His stubbornness does not allow him to realize the huge and catastrophic mistake he made. He turned himself from the darling of the nation to a rogue and a pariah, an outcast that nobody wants to associate with, and a self-made breathing disaster. As his career crashed and he became worthless in his industry, May’s own career blossomed. And Yul dares to turn around to blame his self-propelled downfall on his victim.

Little will people realize how much May had tried to protect the knucklehead called Yul. The first day May met with DPA, we made it clear that we could lodge a criminal complaint against Yul for the crime of bigamy. But May did not want to hear of that. She was so kind and thoughtful that she said repeatedly: “I don’t want him to be arrested. For the sake of the family, I don’t want him to be arrested”. May would not allow us to be hard of Yul. Otherwise, all that his bullshit would have been sorted out long ago.

It is so dumb of Yul for him to be out there writing rubbish against May. For the record, Yul wrote:

“I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! 2023 stole your flesh and blood, but you had enough time to do breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck without your husband’s consent. Obviously endorsed by your married boyfriend. Enough of the manipulation. Stop manipulating people on social media to hate me and feel pity for you while you enjoy your life secretly. Because they don’t know the real you. I will not take it in 2024. I’ve been doing my best to protect your image while you’re doing all you can to destroy mine. ENOUGH! – Yul Edochie”

 We knew from day one that when Yul would meet the self-inflicted disaster that awaited him, he would turn around and try to blame it on May. So, his stupid insinuation about May and a married man is dumb. There is a case in court. May sued Yul and Judy. Both Yul and Judy have filed their responses. Why didn’t Yul say anything about the married man? Why didn’t make such married man a  party to the suit just as May made Judy a party to her petition? Why didn’t Yul file a cross-petition if he had anything against May or if he knew of any married man? Why is it only in the social media and the sickened mind of Yul that such a married man exists?

To see the extent of his delusions, Yul refers to May as his wife. Can you imagine? When he engaged in a notorious and shameless adultery with another woman, did he not remember he had a wife? When he boldly declared yourself a polygamist contrary to law, did he seek his wife’s permission? By the way, what is his evidence that May had implants? It must be one of the prophetesses and juju-practitioners he has been consorting with that told him that.

Queen May won the heart of the world by her distinguished and disciplined calmness in face of extreme provocation. She will maintain that calmness despite Yul’s worsening madness.

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